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viernes, 4 de noviembre de 2011


On 4 November 1922, one of the most important archaeological discoveries of modern times occurred at Luxor, Egypt when the tomb of the child-pharaoh of Egypt was discovered by English archaeologist Howard Carter.
Tutankhamen became pharoah at the age of nine and is thought to have died in the year 1352 BC, when he was 19.
Follow this link to read more about the discovery
Also on this day ....
Mischief Night
The 4th November is called Mischief Night in some parts of England. This was the night when all sorts of naughty things were done - the main idea being to put things in the wrong place.
In north-east Derbyshire and south Yorkshire villages, children would engage in a bout of Jolly Minering. A local variant on Penny for a Guy traditions, the aim was to raise money for sweets and fireworks. Their alms song started like this:
We're three Jolly Miners, and we're not worth a pin,
So give us a piece of coal and we'll make the kettle sing.
The song itself comes from an earlier time when the aim of the activity was to gather coal, either for the 'bonfire hole', or simply to light fire to cook and 'make the kettle sing'.

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