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domingo, 6 de noviembre de 2011



8th of November

  1. Learn the vocabulary related to the classroom.
  2. Do the exercises. Page 12 Student´s book.
  3. Build their vocabulary at the Talking Trinity Book. Page 22
  4. Make dialogues using what colour is it? And things we can find in the classroom.
  5. Do the exercises at Talking Trinity Book. Pag. 18

10th of November

  1. Learn how to make plurals, recognizing the rules.
  2. Do the exercises. Page 13. Student´s book.
  3. Make dialogues using how many XXX are there? What is this? Or what are these?
  4. Answer using there is or there are, this is or these are.
  5. Recognize plural and singular words.
  6. Review the verb to be at home.

15th  of November

  1. Exam: Verb to be, vocabulary.
  2. Listening and speaking There is and there are structures. How many? What Colour? Revision.
  3. Game. Memory. Flashcards.
  4. The negative form VERB TO BE.

17th of November

  1. Review the verb to be (positive and negative form)
  2. Is she? Are you?
  3. Reading a tale. Are you my mum?
  4. Do the exercises. Page 14

22nd of November

  1. Review structures.
  2. Do the communication task and the exam practise. Page 15.

24th of November

  1. Thanksgiving Day´s activities.
  2. Understand why and where this day is celebrated.
  3. Advent activities.
  4. Comprehend that the Advent is an important period to preparate ourselves for the coming of Lord.

29 th of November

  1. Review lesson 1 and 2, doing the activities. Page 16 and 17.
  2. Finish lesson 2

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