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martes, 22 de noviembre de 2011

Easy Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids -- Gobble, Gobble!

What You’ll Need: paddles, colorful paper, scissors, glue, orange and red craft foam and googly eyes
How to Do It: Begin by cutting the ball and string off the paddle. Next, cut feathers out of the colored paper and glue to the back of the paddle. Use the orange craft foam to make the turkey’s feet and beak and the red foam for its waddle. Glue googly eyes on last to complete your feathered friend.

What You’ll Need: buttons, ribbon, hair clips, orange and red craft foam (or felt), googly eyes, hot glue gun or strong craft glue
How to Do It: Start by gluing two buttons onto the wide end of a hair clip to make the turkey’s body and head. Cut the ribbons into small pieces, and fold each in half. Glue these ribbon loops to the back of the hair clip and press down gently until dry. Cut out the tiny beak and feet out of orange foam and the waddle out of red. Glue these features and the googly eyes to the buttons to create a festive accessory for your little miss to wear in her cute Thanksgiving hair-do.
What You’ll Need: plastic bowling set (or plastic soda bottles), small football, craft feathers, tape, craft foam, scissors and a black pen
How to Do It: Take a piece of tape and lay it sticky-side up on the table. Line up feathers on the piece and tape to the back of the bowling pin. Use another piece of tape to secure it in place. Cut out eyes and a beak from the craft foam and stick on its face. Use the black pen to draw in the eyes. Line up the turkey pins and use the football to bowl away! Best score gets to taste the pumpkin pie first!

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