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sábado, 24 de diciembre de 2011

merry christmas

Merry Christmas!

I do not know how many of you celebrate Christmas in a traditional style, with plenty of ornaments all over the house -inside and outside; mind you, some of them are certainly original but may turn dangerous for onlookers. Check this one: everything is fake here, just for the sake of making fun, but you do not know that until you get really close - probably trying to help:

So I recommend something a little bit more traditional, a Christmas tree at home. Here´s an infographic with  plenty of information about the origins of the use of trees for the sake of ornament at Christmas; it is called "The Visual History of Christmas Trees"

History of the Christmas Trees

I bet you wish you could talk to Santa Claus and ask him for certain things personally ( I know you have in mind the two things I told you to ask for: a watch - to bring it to class on the day when you have to do tests so as not to bother your classmates with your persistent questions, "What is the time? How much longer do we have left?"- and some whiteout corrector (Tipp-Ex) to show you care about the presentation of your papers). Well, in 1947 a famous toy store in New York, FAO Schwarz, announced that children could dial a number and speak to Santa himself. LIFE magazine took some photos of children speaking. They look adorable... This is the real spirit of Christmas..
"Santa Himself and Mrs. Claus," LIFE wrote, "who sometimes wear red coats to keep in character, answer calls at the Schwarz workshop." Santa was trained to be careful and make no promises to the kids, "thus saving trouble for their parents." Santa also learned to cut off overly long calls by jingling bells and saying, "That's Dasher and Dancer. They want me to feed them. Goodbye."

What method are you going to use toast for your presents this year? You may talk to him - you will find him in most shopping centers waiting for children -and some grown-ups- to sit on his lap and tell him what they want.

You may try writing a letter, it is still one of the favorite ways of letting Santa know about our preferences as for presents. Be nice when you write, though; it´s not use getting angry when you ask for something:

Technology is becoming more and more popular, are you one of those geeks who can´t do without it?

You know about the dangers of publishing comments in social networks, don´t you? Even Santa may read them...

And last but not least, a couple of songs to round off this post about Xmas; the first one is surely atypical, The Killers´The Cowboys´Christmas Ball. The first video is the official one, the second has the lyrics on for you to sing along:

The second one is a very happy and hopeful video made by the students of "Pio Baroja" High School using sign language. You can also sing along because you can read the lyrics and you have probably heard it before because it is a very popular Christmas song:

Christmas Comments - http://www.christmaswordslive.com

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